The gazelaep is a mysterious creature that lives in the darker regions of this world. Let us guide you through the story of the Gazelaep.

It was in the year 1851 that a a expedition team installed their base camp in the neighbourhood of what is now known as Ontekiö, Lapland. The group of 16 men settled there after a long and hazardous journey. Their logbooks, only recently found, describe their adventures. On november the 11th of that year Marteijn Janszoon, leader of the expedition, writes the following:

“There is snow in the air. We had a long period of reasonable weather, but it seems as if this period is over and a snowstorm is on its way. Yesterday we saw some large and small mammals like reindeers and lemmings, nothing extraordinary. Today however we encountered the footprints of a small animal that we have never seen before. The footprints resemble those of a normal reindeer but are only a fraction of its size and, more interesting, seem to have a thumb.”

This is one of the first descriptions of an animal now often referred to as ‘gazelaep’. Historic research has shown that ever since Marteijn Jansszoon’s first observation the animal’s existence is mysterious. No person ever fully saw the animal itself. However, their have been numerous reports of signs of its being.